In The World of Microblogging, Video Adds Context

Posted on April 22, 2011


For me, microblogging sites such as Twitter and Facebook can sometimes feel very text heavy. If an organization that I have “liked” or followed posts a video that looks interesting, I almost always take some time to check it out. For dance companies, dance studios, and dancers alike it is very important to post video every once in a while to give your online audience context. This is an awesome tool because it lets people know what you’ve been working on or what you’re interested in. Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are all free and awesome ways to involve your organization in the online world.

In celebration of National Dance Week, which runs starting today through May 1st, I will be posting some of my favorite examples of dance for the camera. For some of these videos, production was expensive and for others it cost almost nothing. Either way, I had never heard of some of the companies that I will be posting until I saw their videos online. Think about it!

Today is the first day of National Dance Week and it is also Earth Day! In honor of both of these awesome holidays I present to you “Grass”, a dance for camera by The Trey McIntyre Project. This company is awesome when it comes to online accessibility to dance. Be sure to check out my blog entry called “The Trey McIntyre Project: Poster Child of PR in the Dance World”.

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Danced by: Dylan G-Bowle of the Trey McIntyre Project. Music: Melanie – Brand New Key