Modern Dance in Mainstream Media? Google Celebrates Martha Graham’s Birthday

Posted on May 11, 2011


I must say that I am beyond excited about today’s Google Doodle in honor of modern dance legend, Martha Graham’s 117th birthday. It isn’t everyday that modern dance is recognized on a national scale and I have to say, this Google art is one of the most awesome and inventive pieces that I’ve seen on the Google homepage. Not only was this animation available to each and every one of the 300 million people that will use Google Search today, but Martha Graham was also trending on Twitter in the U.S. for a few hours.

Artist Ryan Woodward, creator of the similarly awesome “Thought of You” dance animation, gleaned from pieces of Graham’s most famous choreography to create the Google Doodle. Today, breaks down the meaning and significance of each movement on its front page. The image shows some of Graham’s most iconic work, ranging from her famous solo “Lamentation” to a piece of floor work from “Appalacian Spring.”

Be sure and check out Google Search today, or watch the video below of the exciting animation.

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