Ten Ways Non-Profits can Utilize Sparked.com to Benefit Their Organization

Posted on May 22, 2011


Sparked.com is a website known as the world’s first micro volunteering network. It allows for non-profit organizations to post challenges for members of the website to address. Members of the site include public relations people, graphic designers, grant writers, and website designers who are willing to help non-profits get their messages out to the world.

Many small, or new non-profit organizations do not have the time or money to hire interns or pay people who are knowledgeable in certain fields. This leaves many organizations that have great ideas but are not able to get the word out to their potential audience, or raise money to support their cause.

Check out this list of different projects that non-profits can get help with using the awesome resource that is Sparked.com. If you have used the website, I would love to hear about your experience!

1. Social Media. There are so many different social media tools and websites that you can utilize these days, that it is hard to keep them all straight. Ask for some help from some of the social media gurus on Sparked!

2. Donation/Thank You Letters. Having trouble writing a donation letter that could catch your readers eye? Micro volunteers can help you get to the heart of your readers based on the information that they gather from your online presence.

3. News Pitches. Know your organization in and out but have no idea what might draw others to it? Listen to the opinions of an outside resource.

4. Graphic Design. There are many professional graphic designers on Sparked who are willing to donate their time to a good cause. Take advantage of it!

5. Grant Research. Reach out and someone on Sparked may help you find the perfect grant opportunity for your organization.

6. Grant Writing. Get some helping writing and applying for grants from people who have done so professionally.

7. Website Help. Does your website have all the information it needs, but it isn’t drawing viewers or donations? Ask for help.

8. Fundraising Ideas. Are you having a hard time raising money for your organization? Connect with people in your region or area of focus who may have some ideas.

9. Promotion. There are social media gurus and volunteers on Sparked that are on the lookout for a good idea to help promote. Post your ideas on the website and develop a supportive network.

10. Project research. Have a simple task that needs extensive research to support it? Ask the micro volunteers on Sparked.com for some research assistance.

In what other ways have you used Sparked.com to benefit your non-profit?

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