Former So You Think You Can Dance Contestants Interact with Fans on Twitter

Posted on May 30, 2011


There is an entirely new breed of super fans emerging in the age of social media. Though I don’t believe that there will ever again be dancers as widely known as Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire, contestants from TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and Dancing With the Stars have begun to garner large fan followings via Twitter and Facebook.

So You Think You Can Dance contestants have especially caught my eye on Twitter not only because they have gathered thousands of fans, but also to see what they are working on after their SYTYCD fame. The performers on the show have got a LOT of talent and some incredible technique. Since they perform on television, the dancers are able to connect with thousands of people who may not be familiar with the world of dance.

What the dancers do well in regard to networking and sharing information about their current projects via Twitter:

  • Communicate directly with their fans.
  • Share videos and photos of current projects.
  • Interact with their friends and colleagues to cross promote events and projects.
  • Write about their personal lives in a way that their fans can relate and respond to.
  • Promote good causes such as charities or fundraisers.
  • Motivate fans to stick with their passions and reach their goals.
  • Share their love of dance with an audience that may not know much about the form.
I think that these ideas can be used by other dancers that belong to companies big and small to help expand their audience via social media. Dancers such as Maria Kochetkova of San Francisco Ballet and Ashley Bouder of New York City Ballet have tapped into the Twitter platform, but I think that many others have potential to connect with a larger audience through the website.
Here are some good ideas for tweets from some of my favorite SYTYCD tweeps. Click on the photo to be directed to their Twitter account:

Check out this So You Think You Can Dance episode guide to find out when the show airs each week and be sure and find some of your favorites on Twitter.

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