Pilobolus Dance in Mainstream Advertising

Posted on June 1, 2011


Shadow art is not the only thing that Pilobolus Dance Company does well, but their work with this form has gained them a lot of attention within mainstream media. The unique company has had their work showcased on popular talk shows, on TED talks, and even on the Oscars, reaching audiences far and wide.

Pilobolus consists of three branches, Pilobolus Dance Theater, Pilobolus Institute, and Creative Services. The latter of the three is especially interesting to me because it caters to specific clients who would like to use the imaginative company for advertising. Because of this, their movement has been seen across the world by audiences who may not have known anything about the form before turning on the TV.

Here are some of my favorite Pilobolus advertisements. You can see more of their Creative Services work on their website.  Honestly, I’m not usually a big fan of mainstream advertising but when dance is involved, you just can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

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