Dance Companies and Fanatics Tap Into Tumblr

Posted on July 1, 2011


As much as I love my blog, I have recently become aware of the potential held by the blogging platform called Tumblr. Over the past few months, the number Tumblr blogs has surpassed the number of WordPress blogs and I have noticed an increased involvement by members of the dance community. Dance professionals and dance companies have begun to customize Tumblr sites in a way that efficiently portrays their interests including their blog and favorite multimedia pieces. It isn’t just the dancers that have begun to use this platform, the website recruits 15,000 new users everyday.

Tumblr claims to be the “easiest way to blog” but does it connect with audiences? After a little bit of research, I put together this list of pros and cons:


  • It is free to use, which is great for dance companies who don’t have it in their budget to register a domain name.
  • Easily click and post text, photos, videos, music, etc.
  • Choose from hundreds of customizable themes and website templates and personalize it to fit your needs.
  • Create your own domain name for free. (ex: vs.
  • The website allows users to update their blog by calling in and recording or through e-mail.
  • The platform is extremely visual and is great for multimedia connoisseurs.


  • It isn’t easy for those who don’t use the website to subscribe to a Tumblr blog.
  • No support for those who don’t use the website to comment on content.
  • The site doesn’t connect directly to RSS feeds.
  • Posts must be tagged in order to show up in search results.

Dance companies and fanatics that are utilizing Tumblr to enhance their online presence and communicate with the dance community:

  • Continuum Contemporary Ballet: This site includes photos of the dance company in rehearsal and performance. The photos are beautiful and really give viewers a glimpse into the overall Continuum experience.
  • Funkanometry SF Dance Company: Funkanometry chose to utilize Tumblr as their go-to website. Their site includes information about their events and classes, booking details, and an “about us” page that describes their mission and other important info.
  • The Trey McIntyre Project:  Transparency, transparency, transparency! Trey McIntyre uses this Tumblr account to share with readers what the company dancers are experiencing throughout the touring and rehearsal process.
  • Nichelle Dances: Nichelle of Dance Advantage uses her Tumblr to post articles, blogs, video, and other noteworthy items that she doesn’t typically post onto her website.
  • Walls Are Very Unhealthy Things: A college dance student posts photos, video, and other snippets of dance related information to further inspire herself and other dancers to keep doing what they love.
After learning more about Tumblr I will most likely create my own account so that I can follow sites that I am interested in and so I can syndicate my blog entries to Tumblr users. However, I still love my WordPress blog and I’m definitely not going to switch over! Tumblr may have more users, but WordPress allows for interaction between bloggers and non-bloggers which is very important to me.

Special thanks to Susan Davis Cushing and DANCELENDS for offering some feedback regarding their opinions on Tumblr!

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