Participate in Dance-Related Conversations on Twitter

Posted on July 10, 2011


If you aren’t a Twitter user already, get involved! In this digital age there is so much online content to share and discuss and Twitter is a great platform for that. On this particular social networking site, hashtags (#) are used to denote keywords or topics of conversation. Users include these short topic titles within their tweets and they show up in a larger conversation when you click them. You can also search for a hashtag through the Twitter search bar, and often even on Google, to see the entire conversation in realtime.

Use the following hashtags to participate in dance-related conversation on Twitter. Click on the links to see what people are saying about dance:

#borntodance – People are already buzzing about Lorieann Gibson’s new show Born to Dance which airs on BET August 2.

#comodance – In the past few weeks, a few of us have begun to talk about the differences between contemporary and modern dance. What’s your opinion?

#dance – This is one of the more vague dance related conversations on Twitter. People share dance quotes, dance performances, and their own opinions about dance.

#dancer – Users use this hashtag to discuss what it means to be a dancer or to applaud some of their favorite professional dancers.

#dancejobs – Dance companies and businesses use this hashtag to post job openings in the field of dance.

#dancertweet – Use this hashtag to discuss dance-related issues and experiences that only dancers can relate to!

#idancebecause – Why do you dance? Tweet your answer and include this hashtag within your tweet.

#letstalkdance Kiner Enterprises Inc. holds this discussion every Tuesday from 2-3 p.m. EST. Participants respond to a number of questions presented relating to their love of dance and their online presence.

#SYTYCD – Users discuss their opinions on the show So You Think You Can Dance.

#SYTYCDbloggers – Bloggers and Twitters users participate in this chat while watching So You Think You Can Dance. Because of air times, this chat only includes those within the EST time zone.

#___dance – Search for your favorite company or form of dance to see what others are posting.

Have you ever participated in a dance-related conversation on Twitter? Which one? If you aren’t a Twitter user, do you have any questions about getting started?

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