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Posted on August 18, 2011

8 is a free website that allows users to create a splash page that defines their online presence and professional biography. It is a one page stop for everything YOU! The site provides an easy to use format including a personal background image, several font options and the ability to connect to important social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and much more. is very easy to customize and provides you with a simple URL as well as profile. The statistics page will tell you how many people looked at each of your social networks, which websites link to your profile and how long viewers spend on your page.

The site is used by CEOs, journalists and not surprisingly, dancers! For dancers interested in finding new jobs and networking both online and off, creating an page is the first step in developing a one-stop page that can serve as an online resume.

Four things that dancers must include on their profile:

  1. A photo. A good dance photograph can say a million words, a headshot can also help put a face to your name.
  2. A good biography stating the experiences you’ve had and what you’re doing now.
  3. A link to video footage on YouTube or Vimeo. What styles of dance do perform? Have you had experience with choreographing or teaching? Make sure that this is clear on your profile!
  4. Contact information. If someone wants to hire you, make sure that they know how to get ahold of you!
Other things to consider:
  • Any evidence of your involvement in social media. It certainly isn’t imperative that dancers get involved with social media. However, if you are active on a social network, be sure and connect this to your page.
  • Any other work that you’ve done. After all, many of us also have talents in event planning, writing, and more.
  • Make sure that your page is appealing to the eye. Dancers aren’t digital artists by any means, but we are artists. Be sure that your page makes this obvious.
The kind people at helped me track down some awesome dance profiles. Get inspired by these great dancer profiles:

Do you have an page? Which of the examples listed above is your favorite? Why did it stand out to you?

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