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Participate in Dance-Related Conversations on Twitter

July 10, 2011


If you aren’t a Twitter user already, get involved! In this digital age there is so much online content to share and discuss and Twitter is a great platform for that. On this particular social networking site, hashtags (#) are used to denote keywords or topics of conversation. Users include these short topic titles within […]

3D Dance Movies Give Audiences The Best Seat in the House

July 3, 2011


Thanks to modern technology, dance and film lovers around the world have a chance to see some of their favorite dancers live…almost. If you have seen a 3D movie, you know what I mean. The films make you feel like you’re standing in the room with all the drama and excitement. I was skeptical at […]

Gesel Mason’s “How to Watch a Modern Dance Concert”

June 10, 2011


I had the chance to see Gesel Mason perform live at the American College Dance Festival in Moscow, Idaho this past year. The entire festival started out with this piece called “How to Watch a Modern Dance Concert” which was absolutely the best thing to see before watching countless hours of modern dance throughout a […]

“We Have a Dance Department?” And Other Stories of Dance in Higher Education

June 8, 2011


I am a dance minor at the University of Oregon, (UO) and although I’m not a major, I still try to stay very involved in the dance department at my school. When I’m not dancing, I’m usually around people who don’t know much about dance. After I’ve made comments about dance to these non-dancing folk, […]

Modern Dance in Mainstream Media? Google Celebrates Martha Graham’s Birthday

May 11, 2011


I must say that I am beyond excited about today’s Google Doodle in honor of modern dance legend, Martha Graham’s 117th birthday. It isn’t everyday that modern dance is recognized on a national scale and I have to say, this Google art is one of the most awesome and inventive pieces that I’ve seen on […]

National Dance Week Day 8, Kathi Prosser/Caroline Richardson “Horses Never Lie”

April 29, 2011


I am having an amazing time in Vancouver, Canada at the moment so I am going to keep this National Dance Week post short and sweet. Be sure and watch this dance for film directed by Kathi Prosser and choreographed and performed by Caroline Richardson. Both of these women are Canadian so I thought that this […]

The Trey McIntyre Project: Poster Child of PR in the Dance World

April 15, 2011


When my mom’s football-loving boyfriend sent me this USA Today Article about a dance company based in Boise, Idaho I knew that company had something going for them in more ways than one. So what is it that Trey McIntyre and his team are doing to get 50-something sports fanatics down in San Diego, California to relate to […]